Work-leading/supervision of master students in their master thesis
Academic year 2017-2018:
  • Movie shooting scheduling with sequence-dependent setup times. (Lucas Bruggeman)
Academic year 2016-2017:
  • Schedule picking procedure for the proactive-reactive RCPSP (Ruben Tillie)
Academic year 2015-2016:
  • Robust talent scheduling. (Wouter Vanheukelom)
  • Detection of outliers using combinatorial optimization. (Wouter Biesmans)
  • An empirical study on backorders. (An Leurs)
Academic year 2014-2015:
  • Inventory in motion: Possibilities to benefit from transportation as a means of storage and actively directing goods. (Benjamin Vercammen)
Academic year 2013-2014:
  • State-of-the-art of Service Operations Management: A literature review (Jeroen D’Huys)