• A generic method to solve scheduling problems
    with Jeroen Beliƫn and Roel Leus
  • The lock scheduling problem with non-identical parallel chambers.
    with Mohammad Ranjbar and Dirk Briskorn
  • Project scheduling with a resource
    with Leonie Gallois and Jannik Matuschke


  • The multi-vehicle bike repositioning problem with in-vehicle charging
    with David Rey and Roel Leus
  • Batch processing in a warehouse
    with Saeide Hashemi and Mohammad Ranjbar

Sport optimization

  • On Fairness of the NBA Regular Season Schedule
    with Ali Hassanzadeh and Dries Goossens

Graph optimization

  • Balanced spanning k-forest in graphs
    with Phablo Moura and Hande Yaman

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